Who or What is Bunny Glue?

Bunny Glue is the alias of a Vancouver based artist and creator who juggles a portfolio career that includes consulting in the software industry.

This approach allows her to chase her passions and avoid the nine to five and then some grind most days. Her real name is Anna Bernhardt and she has shown photographic and sculptural work in group shows in Vancouver.

Where' d you get that weird name?

I didn't go to private schools and I'm not a drug dealer.

The name Bunny Glue comes from how gesso (the base layer to help the paint adhere) used to literally be made of bunny parts.

I also like to think of art as something that brings us together. I want to make art that is sticky and that shares ideas and creates community.

Okay, and I like the fact it gives me alternate career options in pharmaceuticals and stage performance if I ever really run out of Kraft dinner.

Where can I purchase your art?

I generally have a selection of drawings and paintings available for purchase.

I'm working on making my work available for purchase online, but for now the easiest way to buy my art is to shoot me an . If you are in Vancouver, I can arrange a studio visit.

Can I still get a blue face?

There are still a few blue faces left.

However, folks are still acquiring them and the unclaimed ones are being morphed into a new project so they won't last.

I'm still game to give away a few for free or a donation to the paint fund if you can pick them up in Vancouver.

I am also happy to ship you a blue face, but it turns out that brown paper packages tied up with strings are not actually one of my favorite things and Canada Post is jacking up their shipping prices in January so I'm going to have to charge a bit more to ship them out. If you have a favorite face I can check availability for you. .

Do you want to paint me? Do you do commissions?

I wish I wasn't finite and could paint every interesting face that I see.

I do commission work and special projects when my schedule allows. Right now, my workload means that new painting commission work won't be put into progress until Spring (paint hitting the canvas), but I'm open to discussing and planning work for that timeframe. I will also consider small drawings or illustration work before then.

I am open to special projects that aren't traditional commissions when my schedule allows, so feel free to run your idea past me. Just send me an .

I believe that art is meant to be seen and experienced. Even if you are broke, if you really want one of my pieces, let's see what we can figure out.

Something to think about

Art is destined to disconcert; science creates certainty.
— Braque

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