Blue Faces— Tiny Shots of the whole 100

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Thumbnails of the beauties. You can also view the detail pages:     Faces 1-20     Faces 21-40     Faces 41-60     Faces 61-80     Faces 81-100    About the Series

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    Faces 1-20     Faces 21-40     Faces 41-60     Faces 61-80     Faces 81-100

About the series

I started painting these back in late February without any real idea in mind. By March, one hundred was my magic number. I wanted to do a series of one hundred blue faces. And I did. It's just so ridiculous and freeing.

Each one is painted in acrylic. Each one is on a stretched finished 12 inch square canvas that is 3/4 of an inch deep. I typically sketch before I paint. Some of the work is more or less experimental. The only criteria— you need to look at a painting and say,“Hmm, I think that's a blue face.”

I'm not especially interested in realism. For a long time I only painted pure abstracts to play with color theory and because I couldn't afford to buy any of the Olitski paintings that I adored.

See you don't have to worry about that. You can afford one of my paintings. But still maybe you look at all these blue faces and think, Bunny Glue has it all wrong. Really the world needs 100 green elbows.

Go to Kickstarter and get one of mine or paint one of your own. Either way the world will be a tiny bit better.

Successful completed project on Kickstarter. This is archived web content.

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