Cubist Studies

These pages contain some details and images of my current art. All images copyright Bunny Glue but feel free to link to these works and reference in social media.

Portrait Work

These works start with either a photo or sketch and work away from realism. Here's an example with one of my self-portraits based on a photo (credit K. Beretta which I photoshopped lightly).

I draw the major lines based on the photo. In this case, because I'm working on a series with variations I copied the major lines with a graphite sheet onto a page in a mixed media sketch book. Below you can see the photo, major lines sketch, and an acrylic paint study.

Studies Based on Picasso

These works take their major lines from Picasso works and are examples of how I work on my cubist technique by studying other cubist art work. Acrylic with initial lines in graphite on Mylar.

Studies based on: Head in Three-Quarter View, 1907.

Some General Work

One of my masking tape and razzle dazzle geometry experiments.

Some drawings and acrylic studies. More coming soon.

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