Stuff to make?

Who doesn't like making stuff?

I'm sharing some posters that I use for feel good public postering, some ADULT APPROPRIATE Cut & Paste activities and coming soon materials and ideas for creative projects when you aren't sure where you want to start.

Stick’ em up Posters

Happy Public Art Options

Suitable for all ages. Designed to cheer up strangers and make everyone feel just a little bit happier.

Cut & Paste

Some days you want to reinvent the wheel and primary colors. Other days, damn you feel like making something, but you have no idea what.

This page has downloadable PDFs for quick and amusing projects that will take you about an hour each.

These projects use only common stuff like scissors, paint or markers, tape or a stapler, that you probably have cluttering your house already. Of course you can get fancy and glitter it all up beyond recognition. If something more exotic like a paper fastener is required I'll mention it in the description.

♥   WARNING MATURE CONTENT Not suitable for children or innocents.

Materials and Ideas

Coming soon!

Ideas and cool supplies for creative muddling.
♥   Kids may need help with some of this. But suitable for all ages.


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