Current Work

These pages contain some details and images of my current art. All images copyright Bunny Glue but feel free to link to these works and reference in social media.

Cubist Studies

I'm obsessed with cubism. Especially portraits. Here are some of my studies and thoughts pulled out of my cubism sketchbook.

I've been playing with everything from razzle dazzle geometrics, imitative studies, and my own portrait process for cubist work.

Here's a sample of what my obsession has looked like. Some of the studies take their major lines from Picasso which I indicate in the descriptive text.


I've been doing some mixed media work (acrylic and graphite on Mylar mostly) that explore our fragility, humanity, isolation and sense of loss.

The landscape is post-apocalypse barren. I've also been playing with overlays. Some of these images are a build-up of layers.

Anatomy Based Watercolors and Random Works

These aren't anatomically correct, but they are what I'm painting to relax and improve my watercolor technique. Vein and artery colors are based on aesthetic whim and the source anatomical images are more historical than accurate. If you are medically trained, you may find these frustrating.

This is where I'll post random sketches as well.


Details coming soon. I'm working on an acrylic portrait of Samuel Johnson.

Completed Projects

There's nothing quite as bitter-sweet as that last good-bye.

100 Blue Faces

This was a long series painting project that culminated in a successful Kickstarter project in the autumn of 2013.

You can see an archive of some of the web content for 100 Blue Faces and the project catalogue.

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— Salvador Dali

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