Postering is a form of public art that doesn't have to break the rules. No need to save up for bail. But it's a fun way to get a message out and play in public.

I like to poster with encouraging messages. Just makes the world seem a little nicer. Sometimes folks write back on the posters to thank me. This little stuff brightens my day.

All you need for most of the posters is a printer to print some copies, a stapler, tacks, or tape to stick up your posters, and a few local notice poles or bulletin boards. Of course the sky is the limit and you customize as much as you want.

So what are you waiting for?

Some of my posters

Feel free to download these, modify them, and use them. If you want to be sweet, send me a photo of these in action. These are in pdf format to prevent any creepy virus stuff. They print on ubiquitous 8.5x11 office paper.

Steal this poster

This one disappears in a heartbeat.


Define your own success

Because only you know what truly matters to you.



Something for those lonely rainy days.


Take What You Need

Give away the good stuff. You will need to use scissors and make a series of vertical cuts along the bottom so folks can rip off what they want.


Don’ t be afraid

A simple message that can almost seem shocking in an urban landscape.



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